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Project Space Tilburg – Gust van Dijk

Tivolistraat 22, 5017 HP Tilburg - Netherlands, +31(0)135444495

Visiting: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1-5 pm and other times by appointment


incubate festival

Das Esszimmer




SEA Foundation, Tilburg, The Netherlands teams up with Das Esszimmer from Bonn, Germany. Emerging media artist Jens Standke shows a new, specially created for Tilburg sound and media installation in a solo at SEA Foundation. There are two performances that accompany the exhibition and an artist book.

Concurrently established Dutch visual artist Stijn Peeters exhibits in a solo show in Bonn. Stijn Peeters shows a new body of work in his‚ ‘Grande Machines‘ series. Chios Idomeni 1824-2016. Accompanying the exhibition Stijn Peeters launches an artist book titled 10.000, edition 50. From 27.08 - 10.10.2016 at Das Esszimmer in Bonn, Germany.

A collaborative project aiming at supporting artist practices by creating new production and international exposure.


As we try to perceive sound aurally or physically when sound is very loud, so that not only our eardrums vibrate, but our whole body. Graphical music notation is converted by musicians in initially unheard sound before it is made audible by an instrument.


In the exhibition at SEA Foundation Jens Standke shows works in an installation that was developed  in Tilburg. Equipped with the specially prepared tapes, Jens Standke was invited by Tilburgers to make field recordings on-site of extraordinary places in the city. These sound recordings are presented as a sound installation, as images and as projections in a large scale installation.



(A) A tape runs on in silence

An audio-tape is running in a reel-to-reel-machine. The audio-loop is around 1:00 Minute. There is no sound. The tape is moving and the extra length of the tape creates random loops and patterns on the floor


// 2016, Reel-to-Reel-Machine, Audio-Tape, 2,0 x1,5 m










(B) Transparent Tape Machine / Transparent Audio Tape

This machine is able to produce sounds by scanning transparent tape loops. A laser beam is emitted through the transparent tape, and a light-sensor converts the signal into sounds. The pattern on the tapes create sounds like general noise, unregularly beats or even notes.  The tapes were created in Tilburg. Interesting patterns were collected by Jens Standke in places that he was invited to, at a printer, in private houses, at a bakery, in the street and a restaurant on surfaces and objects, the dust off these patterns is recorded on adhesive tape.


// 2016, DIY -Tape Machine for adhesive-tape: Electronics, Aluminuim, Acrylic glass, 0,5 x 0,5 x 2,2 m

// 2016, Audio tape loops recorded in Tilburg,

Adhesive tape, length 2,0 m each



(C) Me, on tape

Video tape is fixed on a frame. The strips mounted horizontally. Line by line the tape is added to the frame alternately front and reverse. Therefore, the smooth black surface is visually interrupted. The tape is partly mirroring the scene and it’s surroundings. It is not important what was on the video tape, but who is on it now.


// 2016, Video-Tape on Aluminium 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,03 m








(D) Tilburg pattern

The video is projected top down on a white paper on the ground. It shows abstract patterns of stones, concrete, cobblestones and more.

These videos were shot while driving to my ‘field recordings’. Permanently scanning the environment for interesting patterns as Tilburg offers a wide range of different pattern styles. By driving through Tilburg, virtual unheard sounds are arising. No sound necessary.


// 2016, HD-Video-Loop, No Sound, 3:40 Min., Projection 0,7 x 0,5 m






(E) Visual Loops

As collecting and recording audio loops for the DIY-tape-machine, some patterns offers a unique phenomenon. Analysing the visual connection the results show that sound and visuals are directly connected in the same medium. The moving images create some virtual unheard sound in our minds.


// 2016, Video-Tape-Loops, Film-projector, Screen 0,8 x 0,5 m








(F) On/Off: X-Files

By preparing the transparent tape for DIY-tape-machine, some video tape and adhesive tape came together. The process of detaching the tapes from each other again creates a random pattern on the magnetic tape. This pattern is clearly visible yet the experiment and the ‘negative’ design is depending on factors which are not recognizable like the strength of the adhesive tape, the magnetic structure of the video-tape (in this case the TV series „X-Files“), the power and the angle of detaching. The design shows a complex structure in this nearly 120 lines. These lines of broken video tape could be played back by the DIY-tape-machine.


// 2016, Video-Tape, transparent adhesive tape, on Aluminium

1,3 x 2,1 x 0,03 m





Trailer (0:32) // Exhibition Walkthrough (0:51)
Performance (2:12) // Tilburg Pattern (5:49)